The Blogger

This is a page for the basic information about me that you might want to know.

What is your name?
Heather Jaine Tidmarsh

When were you born?
20th April 1992

What sex are you?

Where were you born?
Sutton Coldfield

What are you most passionate about?
I’m a very creative person and I love to use my imagination. I am currently a social media apprentice which allows me to do just that. I have a big passion for media, whether it be film, animation or social. I love it all and I hope I can create a career for myself out of it.

What are your skills?
I know my way around the computer, I’m normally on the internet where I’m either blogging or looking at funny pictures of kittens. I guess using the internet a lot has benefited me on a social media aspect as I already knew a lot of the basics of the sites that I was expected to use. I also use the software GIMP a lot which allows me to edit photographs and create images like you can in Photoshop, but for free. I can write, give me an interesting and unusual subject and I’ll write you something. You would probably either love it or not like it too much, but either way, I would do my very best to impress you.

What are your interests?
I have a strange obsession with zombies. Somehow, I required a lot of information about them and what to do if I ever come across one. I could pass for the ‘walking zombie bible’. I’m very interested in film and I love having film days where I can just relax and watch films all day, I mainly like to watch horror films but I do love a bit of comedy every now and then. I have a pet crested gecko called Cleo who has extremely sticky feet! I have a big interest in her as she takes up most of my time by attention seeking. I have done some modelling and photography over the years which I found a love for. It’s sometimes nice to be able to dress up and look your best and have your photo taken, but it is also a nice feeling to be behind the camera and able to capture something that only your eyes can see and explain. You will be able to find pictures that I have taken and that have been taken of me on this blog.


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