“But You’re a Girl”

I have always been far from the ‘norm’. I’m not a ‘girly girl’, apart from the fact I have female genitalia, I have always been considered by my friends as ‘one of the guys’.
Think of pre ‘Girlfriend’ Avril Lavigne, but with a fairly strong Birmingham accent, not as thin and with detachable hair, and you’ve got me.

I suppose I am a bit of a feminist (by feminist, I mean feminist, not ‘feminazi‘ or ‘man hater’). I believe in equal rights between men and women and I definitely don’t agree with there being a superior sex. Women shouldn’t be classed as one thing and men another, again, apart from the genitalia differences, everyone is the same. But alas, I’m not here to talk about a ‘battle of the sexes’ I’m here to talk about something that has been pissing me off for quite some time.

“But You’re a Girl”
– The most common phrase any girl or woman will hear in her life time, especially if they’re not into what is classed as the norm for anyone who’s female.

My sense of humor.

Above are a few of my interests, all of which have been questioned.

“Get off this server and get back to the kitchen where you belong” – Gaming

“I didn’t think you’d know what you were doing, you know, because you’re a girl.” – Gaming

“Girls can’t be gamers” – Gaming

“You’re going to build you’re own PC? But you’re a girl…” – Gaming/D.I.Y

“Can you even do D.I.Y…?” – D.I.Y

“Skateboarding is for boys, not girls” – Skateboarding

“Why would you do that to yourself, I bet you used to be such a pretty girl” – Tattoos

“I like tattoos.. just not on girls” – Tattoos

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you were a girl! Just expected you to be a guy because you’re on here..” – Reddit

“Well you are a girl, so that will get you loads of attention..” – Reddit private message, talking about meeting people through different subreddits.

“You know, when you say things like that, it makes you really unattractive” – Humor

“That’s not really something a woman should be saying/joking about” – Humor

Just a few statements I’ve had said to me over the duration of my life.

Girls – how many of these statements do you recognise? Does it offend you? Does it piss you off? Do you feel hurt? Do you feel degraded? Or do you, like me, not give a shit until it gets old and really fucking annoying?

Guys – how many of these statements do you recognise because you’ve been the one to say them? How do you work out that guys can do one thing, but girls can’t? Why do you feel the need to say some of these things? Or have you ever stuck up for a girl, whether she be a relative, girlfriend or friend who you’ve seen/heard first hand had some of the statements said to her?

The main reason I have decided to write this blog post is because of gaming.
I went to Insomnia 52 last weekend and it was a blast. I was able to pick up some awesome things (such as a metric shit ton of gorgeous Sipsco, Minecraft and BioShock merchandise from the stall GAMETEE had set up there), play some games and I also got to meet some of my favourite YouTuber’s from The Yogscast. However, even though it was a great day and such a fun environment, I was still faced with my biggest ‘problem’.. Being a girl.

Meeting Hat Films, Turps and Sips was my highlight of Insomnia52

Meeting Hat Films, Turps and Sips from The Yogscast was my highlight of Insomnia 52



Now, I’m not going to lie, I dressed up for I52, I wore a dress that I’d bought a while back and actually did my makeup and hair, but the main reasons I did this was because a. I usually spend 90% of my time sat in some form of comfy clothing which would probably be deemed inappropriate for the outdoors, without any makeup on and surrounded in pizza boxes and chocolate wrappers and b. because I am severely self conscious, have a horrendous lack of self esteem and I suffer from social anxiety and panic attacks. Basically, I made myself look and feel good so I wouldn’t crumble in a spiral of paranoia.

I noticed multiple reactions spurred by myself whilst I was there, I noticed some people, mainly guys making double takes as I walked towards and past them and I also noticed some ‘I’m going to try and subtly check you out but not realise it’s actually really obvious and freak out/try to act cool when I realise I’ve been spotted and walk into something’ kind of reactions.

Expectation Vs. Reality
– Image not by myself

Another type of reaction I noticed was ‘dirty looks’. I’d get some looks as though they were saying in their heads “pfft, I bet she’s one of those ‘Gamer Girls’ who talk about COD all the time like she’s actually played it and takes half naked selfies of herself nibbling on the controller” which just to clarify, I don’t do, for one I’m not interested in COD in the slightest and the only other place my controller is apart from my hands is hurling through the air at my TV screen.. (yes, I’m one of those).

Looking like an absolute fucking excited psychopath stood next to the real guy, the best guy.

Looking like an absolute fucking psychopath stood next to the real guy, the best guy, Sips.

I was also looked at like I’d been dragged there by my boyfriend, to which reactions suddenly changed when they noticed I was the one doing the dragging, gorping and ‘nerdgasming’ over almost everything I saw.. (not to mention completely freaking out in the que to meet Sips from excitement and borderline panic attack approaching).

I guess my main point in this post is that, even if the whole “you’re a girl, you can’t do this or that” thing was originally started as a joke, it has ended up becoming so fucking annoying and in some cases, it can be really offensive, especially as it now seems that there is a fine line between joking about the gender differences and being incredibly rude and hurtful with sexism.

My friends still do it to me all the time, but I know they do that to wind me up because of how much it pisses me off (but I usually get the last laugh when I kick their ass, tell me I can’t game now, bitch!)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all up for a laugh and a joke, hell, I’ll even join in sometimes with my own sarcastic little input, but it doesn’t take long before this kind of shit gets old, boring and really fucking annoying.

So the next time you meet a girl like myself, stop and think. Is it really worth pointing out the obvious? Is it really worth making yourself come across like a complete and utter douche-bag? Or do you think that maybe, just maybe you can keep those kinds of comments to yourself or maybe even banish them completely..?

You’ve got to remember, us girls aren’t all damsels in distress, some of us would happily add a new jar of testicles to our ‘Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Piss Me Off’ collection if the opportunity arises.

Until next time,

Plain Jaine x


A Night At The Opera with Crucifixus Productions!

Are you a fan of Les Miserables, Phantom Of The Opera, Grease, Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Rocky Horror Picture Show? Then you are in luck as Crucifixus Productions are performing a variety show called ‘A Night At The Opera’ on the 15th and 16th of June at The Old Joint Stock Theatre in Birmingham.

Crucifixus Productions are a Birmingham based company who have been around since the start of 2011 which is run by the director Josh Swift and the producer Jade-Dee Worrall-Williams. Crucifixus Productions are a theatre company who hold multiple well known shows and are usually held at The Old Joint Stock Theatre in Birmingham. At the moment, Crucifixus are working on a variety show that is to be performed June and are also getting prepared for the panto performance of ‘Snow White’ that shall be held in December 2012.

I became involved in January 2011 when I received a message on Facebook asking me if I wanted to audition for a role in their production of ‘Repo! The Genetic Opera’. I’d never heard of ‘Repo!’ before but when I found out it was a film by the same director as the ‘Saw’ films, I was automatically interested and turned up for an audition. I met up with a few people before so I got to know a who I’d be working with so I wouldn’t be as nervous. I got through my audition and became a part of the Crucifixus team. We rehearsed every Saturday at The Black Horse Rock Bar in Birmingham up until it was show time. We performed two shows at The Old Joint Stock theatre and both were sold out. We were all incredibly nervous, but we pulled it off and did an amazing job.

This year, the company are returning to The Old Joint Stock to perform the variety show that we are currently working very hard on. There are three possible shows for you to attend, the first show is Friday 15th at 7:30pm and the second and third shows are on Saturday 16th at 2pm and 7:30pm so you don’t need to worry about missing out!

There are some incredibly talented people on board this year who have been working extremely hard to perfect their voices and acting skills ready for the upcoming shows. We are putting everything we can into these shows so we can guarantee our audiences have a fantastic night and go home feeling great. You are bound to have a good laugh and you might even have some tears brought to you, but we promise to deliver a show that you will remember for a long time.

Crucifixus Productions are proud to present to you A Night At The Opera.

For more information, please feel free to contact the Crucifixus Productions Facebook page, visit The Old Joint Stock show information page or join the ‘A Night At The Opera’ Facebook event.

Tickets are £10 (£8 concessions) and are available for you to purchase from the following links:

15/06/2012 ‘A Night At The Opera’ 7:30pm tickets

16/06/2012 ‘A Night At The Opera’ 2:30pm tickets

16/06/2012 ‘A Night At The Opera’ 7:30pm tickets

You can also visit The Old Joint Stock Theatre in Birmingham and purchase some tickets from there.

Make sure you grab your tickets soon before they sell out and we hope to see you all very soon!

Roses are red, violets are blue, when zombies arrive, I hope they eat you!

Nah, I’m just joking.

So, as we all know, today is Valentines Day, the day that you either love or you hate. My Valentines Day wasn’t too bad, I spent the day with my fiancé, Pete and we went for a meal. We had intended to go ice skating and do something really exciting but as usual, we both got up really late to then realise we didn’t have enough money to splash out on such an occasion.

I didn’t wake up to breakfast in bed and a mountain full of presents, neither did Pete. We had our Valentines Day presents a week early. We decided against the typical chocolate boxes and roses, we decided to get something that we both really liked, something we both wanted and something we could keep forever.

Matching tattoos.

We both got a tattoo of a poison bottle and banner which reads ‘love’ on our left hands. We came up with the design, which made it a lot more special and it resembles how love can be like a poison, spreads through the veins almost instantly. We decided to get them done on our left hands because it is the same hand that our engagement and eventually wedding rings shall be placed. I personally can’t wait to show off our wedding rings for photos whilst our tattoos are on show, I think it would make an awesome, meaningful photograph.

As well as celebrating Valentines Day, today is exactly 3 months since Pete and I got engaged, so our Valentines Day was extra special.